Record high production in 2020

A full stock replacement after the fire at MOSO®’s warehouse in the Netherlands, on February 21. 2020, and special project orders for multiple countries, pushed the demand for newly produced bamboo products to record highs in 2020. Hundreds of containers full of bamboo goods needed to be produced, checked, exported and delivered to the Netherlands and other parts of the world during the months when people all over the world were working from home due to Covid-19. But the MOSO China team didn’t work from home, they were checking production in factories more than ever before.

Managing the production of bamboo in China

MOSO China’s General Manager, Aliang, takes the lead in the production with partner factories. Being the key contact point between the MOSO China team, factories and MOSO Purchasing, R&D and Sales colleagues in Europe, he knows what orders are coming in and what will be produced soon. With more than 20 years of experience in the bamboo business, Aliang knows how important it is to share knowledge and expertise within the team and with colleagues abroad.

"We want to add value to the bamboo products we supply, in quality, innovation and sustainability. And for this… we need our MOSO China team!"

René Zaal, CEO & Head of Purchase MOSO International BV

Production inspection & planning

Producing in 10 different factories at the same time and carrying out quality checks during the various production steps means that planning is of the utmost importance. Four MOSO China colleagues schedule and assure the quality checks. Additionally, they support the MOSO® R&D team with product testing and improvements.

Quality checks during production

Amy explains: “The MOSO China offices are located in Anji and Shaoxing, in the heart of China’s bamboo business. Some factories are located up to 800 kilometers away. Depending on the product, quality checks have to be performed multiple times during the production process. Two teams with inspectors execute the quality checks in all factories. With the help of videos and photos being shared in online communication groups, it was possible to execute all checks during the peak of production in 2020.”


Long time experience

Yuki has worked for MOSO® since 2005. Even though she was never bored, she now went through an extreme period: “The devastating fire in the Netherlands forced us to produce twice as much bamboo as normal. Fortunately, the restrictions concerning Covid-19 in China had just been largely released when the largest number of checks had to be carried out.” Like Yuki, many MOSO China people stay with the company for a long time. “I think MOSO can grow well in the future, especially when we can get through such a difficult situation. And I will gladly play a role in that!”


Production and product inspectors

MOSO® bamboo products are produced from bamboo strips, which are laminated or compressed into beams or panels as a base material for many products. The quality of a bamboo product can be engineered, each step of the production can be done following certain parameters. To ensure the high quality, production checks are carried out during the most important stages of the manufacturing process. Additionally, inspections are carried out on the final products before shipment. If mistakes are found during production, in many cases, this can be corrected on time. By doing so, MOSO China manages to reach a high approval rate for the final inspection. In this way, waste is kept to a minimum. Together with the R&D and Purchase teams in the Netherlands, MOSO China inspectors check and report the various parameters and possible issues, ensuring that the final product meets the requirements. Additionally, samples and displays are produced in our MOSO China workshop.

Purchase planning and export management

Purchase planning & Export Manager Lydia is another key person in the MOSO organisation. She explains: “Basically I’m responsible for requests, quotations and order placement to factories, resulting in a lot of emails and calls every day. I’m also responsible for shipping documents and supporting domestic sales. During the Covid-19 restrictions in China, it was difficult to fulfill shipping demands. When that was improving, the extreme numbers of orders to replace the stock in the Netherlands had to be organised. Everyone in MOSO China is very busy during this period, but we remain strong. I believe MOSO® will be stronger than ever before!”

Administration and accounting

Last but not least, export from China requires a lot of document arrangements and administration. Handwritten inspection notes and Chinese delivery notes have to be processed before the goods can be supplied to the MOSO warehouses or customers in over 90 countries, including domestic sales in China. And, of course, accountancy work needs to be continuously kept at a high and professional level.

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