Bamboo Thermo Decking

Durable, sustainable, thermally modified bamboo Decking


MOSO® Bamboo Thermo Decking products

UseField Decking
Finish Unfinished
SurfaceSmooth / Reeded
ProfileDouble Groove
Size1 x 6 x 6
Dimensions ('')3/4 x 5-3/8 x 72
UseField Decking
Finish Unfinished
ProfileDouble Groove
Size1 x 4 x 6
Dimensions ('')3/4 x 3 7/8 x 72
UsePerimeter / Fascia Board
Finish Unfinished
SurfaceSmooth / Reeded
ProfileSingle Groove
Size1 x 12 x 6
Dimensions ('')3/4 x 12 x 73-1/4
UsePerimeter / Fascia Board
Finish Unfinished
ProfileSingle Groove
Size1 x 8 x 6
Dimensions ('')3/4 x 8 x 72
Dimensions fastener (")11/6 x 57/64 x 27/6411/6 x 57/64 x 27/64
Dimensions screw (mm) 4.5 x 30-
InstallationWith fasteners installed on joistsWith fasteners installed on joists
Items90 fasteners and 90 screws90 fasteners and 90 screws
MaterialStainless steel A2 (AISI 304)Stainless steel A2 (AISI 304)

Bamboo Thermo Decking: a truly revolutionary decking matering

Bamboo Thermo® Decking is suitable for outdoor applications, from commercial to residential. The incredible density of the material ensures a very durable bamboo surface or outdoor living area, with the natural feel and appearance of hardwood. Bamboo Thermo Decking remains stable and durable in any climate or conditions.

MOSO® Bamboo Thermo Decking

MOSO® Bamboo Thermo Decking is a solid, Thermo-Density® engineered lumber, made from compressed bamboo strips. A special process, involving thermal modification (at 392F/200C) and high pressure, provides MOSO® Bamboo Thermo with impressive hardness and stability. The performance and weathering properties of MOSO® Bamboo Thermo are very similar to outdoor-rated exotic hardwoods.

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MOSO® Bamboo Thermo Decking benefits

  • MOSO warranty 25 years
    25 years warranty
  • Fire resistant
  • Stored carbon
  • Hard & durable
  • high stability x-treme
    High stability
  • Easy to install

Weathers like exotic hardwood. Leave gray or refinish.

Annual cleaning of your MOSO® Bamboo Thermo® Decking is recommended. Sweep with a broom or blow off with a leaf blower any loose debris first. If you desire to keep the rich dark brown color, in addition to yearly cleaning we recommend a recoating with Messmer’s Bamboo Finish oil. Annual care and cleaning should be done with a stiff bristle brush.

Care and cleaning instructions

Freedom in design

MOSO® Bamboo Thermo Features both 6″ and 4″ Decking. Plus, a unique 8″ wide perimeter board which will never cup. No other natural decking product offers that. Now you can create a design using Bamboo Thermo that will set your projects apart. 4″ and 6” Decking are available as unfinished decking boards that come with 2 edge grooves for easy installation with the MOSO® A-symmetric Clip. variable width boards can be easily combined to create any design you want.

Decking with highest durability class

Thanks to our unique thermal modification process called Thermo-Density®, MOSO® Bamboo Thermo achieves the highest durability class possible within the appropriate European norms.* The Thermo-Density® process modifies and removes sugar molecules which are naturally present in untreated bamboo. With this treatment bamboo is no longer a food source for fungi and micro-organisms. Furthermore, the process increases the density – making the bamboo planks durable for any application.

* Class 1 for European norm 350 / CEN/TS 15083-2, Class 0 for European norm 152 and Class 4 for European norm 335

Design your dream deck

MOSO® Bamboo Thermo is your best option for durable and sustainable decking. Moso North America is proud to partner with Simpson Strong-Tie to bring you our new Deck Planner Software™ that will help you create the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of. Detailed renderings, construction drawings and materials lists are the information you need to build a safe, durable and sustainable deck. You will also be connected with our material suppliers in your area that will help you estimate materials costs.

Design your deck

More stable than any hardwood

MOSO® Bamboo Thermo Decking is very stable, as a result of thermally modified bamboo strips combined with High Density® compression. Even many years after installation, Bamboo Thermo Boards stay straight. The boards are more stable than any tropical hardwood, and many composites. Bamboo Thermo does not warp, twist, cup or bow. Expansion and Contraction is almost unheard of.

Install decking quickly & economically

With MOSO® Asymmetric fasteners installing the deck is quick and easy. The fasteners are placed in the grooved edges of the decking and screwed into the sub beams. With this method it is not necessary to predrill the decking boards.

MOSO® Bamboo Thermo Decking installation instructions

Who says decking has to be 16ft!

MOSO® Bamboo Thermo Decking Boards are 6ft long and are packaged 3 pieces to a bundle. The bundles weigh approximately 40 pounds, cover 18 lineal feet of deck and approximately 9 square feet. Thermo’s incredible dimensional stability and rigidity allow it to span 16″ joist spacing and seem off-joist with no issues. Our structural Tongue and groove end-match make this possible. Estimate based on square footage because board length doesn’t matter!

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