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Elegant horse stables with a touch of bamboo
When it comes to animal enclosures, horse stables are often the most striking with a luxurious interior. In the Limousin region, horse stables specialist Doitrand Equestre built a private stable in an old farm. Situated amidst apple orchards, the stunning stable now houses 5 spaces for horses. The barn is fully custom-made and the modern but stylish interior, with bamboo shelves, contrasts perfectly with the old farm walls.

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When used in such demanding environments and being an important element of the stables, the quality must not be compromised. Thanks to the high density and thus ultimate hardness and fire resistance, MOSO® Bamboo E-quine products 71.79lbs/ft³ (1150kg/m³) perfectly meet the high requirements. Together with Doitrand Equestre, MOSO® supplies the bamboo panels for the horse stables in several standard dimensions. In addition to these standard planks, custom-made planks with specifically required dimensions are available on request.

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About bamboo

Bamboo is a grass, and is considered to be the fastest growing plant on earth. A new shoot can grow up to one meter per day. In addition, bamboo reaches an incredible hardness: it is many times stronger than oak or the still popular and endangered tropical hardwoods. Every year a fifth of all the poles of the giant bamboo can be harvested without jeopardizing the stock. A system of sustainable forest management ensures responsible yield and increases the CO2 absorption. With its extraordinary properties, bamboo has evolved in recent years into a much sought-industrial product. Nowadays parquet floors, stairs, wall and ceiling coverings, door panels, beams, furniture and much more is created with this millennial commodity. Who would have thought that a grass might be an alternative to hardwood or tropical wood?

How bamboo products are made
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“Quality, solidity and aesthetics are the three words that best describe MOSO® Bamboo Boards. Thanks to MOSO®, we are sure to provide our customers with an elegant and durable stable."

Nicolas Doitrand, owner Doitrand Equestre


A project that makes use of MOSO® Bamboo Products offers several advantages compared to wood and other alternative materials, plus our bamboo will last for years to come. Get in touch with our bamboo experts.

Edwin van Houten
Area Sales Manager MOSO International BV, the Netherlands

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