Pharos – The Lighthouse (in Greek)

Aiming to build the “healthiest working community of Europe”, the Pharos project set out to renovate the office space in which health, sustainability and innovation were at the top of the shopping list. Some of the projects core values and aims include ”zero waste, maximum healthy and total energy”. In order to ensure that these goals were met, several experts in the field were bought in.

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Peter Tijhuis (Flooring)
Todays Brew (Panels, Stair case)
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Bamboo helps create a warm, rainforest like environment

Not only were the operational and structural elements, such as electricity and energy efficiency, fully analysed but the materials used were thoroughly evaluated to make sure they met the high requirements. In doing so Sheryl Leysner, Interior Architect & Project Manager, created a beautiful, vibrant space in which mainly natural materials were used. 400m² of MOSO® Bamboo Industriale flooring was used and brings a beautiful warm element to the almost rainforest like environment created, where plants hang from nearly all surfaces to create a true, healthy environment that Pharos aimed for.

MOSO bamboo used in the healthiest working community in Europe

“We opted for as much natural materials as possible, such as bamboo and natural stone, as well as non-toxic and biodegradable adhesives, lacquers and paints," explains Leysner. "Otherwise there is no point in using natural materials.”

Sheryl Leysner, Architect and Designer


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