Corso Como Place

Corso Como Place has been fully renovated and revitalized into a modern smart building. Not only was the Bonnet Tower demolished and renovated but in front of this tower came a completely new pavilion with over 4000 m² of commercial and office functions. FSC® certified MOSO® Bamboo Panels and Beams contributed to this ambitious project.

Project details

Development & Management by COIMA
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1200 m
1000 m²

MOSO® Bamboo products in Milan

In order to minimize the environmental impacts as much as possible, materials were fully evaluated and FSC® certified MOSO® Bamboo Beams and Panels can be found throughout this project, contributing to the sustainable goals. As well as the technical aspects of sustainability, such as material used, the goal was also to create a space that is a pleasant to live and takes wellbeing into account.

Sustainable goals initiated

With such sustainable ambitions and attention paid to the impact, 3 well-known green certificates have been initiated for the project:

  • WELL Building Standard – with plenty of natural light, natural materials and a spacious design the building is built to positively affect people’s health
  • LEED Gold – minimizing CO2 emissions with very sufficient energy performance
  • Cradle to Cradle design protocol – material implementation process to limit energy consumption with best practices
More about the sustainability of MOSO® Bamboo

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Luca Quattrini
Business Developer MOSO Italia S.R.L, Italy

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