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The solution for heavy duty natural flooring

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Heavy duty flooring for semi-outdoor high traffic areas

Locations like train stations, airports, malls, or museums require special flooring with exceptional qualities, tested and certified to the highest standards. These very high performance standards are virtually impossible to achieve with wood flooring. MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® flooring can meet the highest requirements, making it a unique product for the use of biobased materials in modern architecture.

UltraDensity® Stair Panels are very dense, hard and stable

The MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® Stair Panel is a solid bamboo board, made from compressed bamboo strips with an Ultra-High Density®. The compression process makes the panels very dense, hard and stable. The product has been certified and the mechanical properties allow for structural application as stairs. Bamboo UltraDensity® Stair Panel is suitable for semi-outdoor covered areas and indoor applications (Use Class 3 / EN 335). These planks have a warm brown caramel color.

MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® benefits

  • 30 years guarantee
  • durable
  • high stability
  • Bfl-s1

Bamboo heavy duty flooring that withstands the toughest conditions

MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® is a solid bamboo flooring board made from compressed bamboo strips with an Ultra-High Density®. With a unique production method, the material is extremely stable, hard and durable and therefore suitable for the toughest conditions: in very high traffic areas and even in semi-outdoor (covered but not closed) areas. The boards are available unfinished, with rough-sanded faces, and have to be finished on site. The boards come with tongue and groove and a micro bevel on all four sides. This flooring type has to be installed screwed down on MOSO® Bamboo sub-beams, or can be glued down.

Bamboo UltraDensity® technical brochure

Highest wear class, stability and mechanical property class

The newly developed MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® flooring has reached the highest standards, proved by testing and certification in France. FCBA, the official French wood-institute, defined that all norms for solid and densified wood are valid for MOSO® bamboo. After extensive testing, Bamboo UltraDensity® reached the highest wear class, stability and mechanical property class. Combined with the testing for water and chemical resistance, the product has been certified by CSTB (French official construction institute), proving that the Bamboo UltraDensity® flooring is better than any other wood flooring.

Pavimento in bamboo Ultradensity presso Arts Center Vooruit

High traffic area flooring projects

Bamboo UltraDensity® flooring can be apply in public areas where the highest UPEC classification is require as train station, airport, museum… Furthermore, MOSO® passed an ATEc (technical appraisal) certification for this specific solution, meaning that the product and installation system have been evaluated and approved for high traffic areas; and will be accepted by each quality control bureau in France.

With the opening of Bordeaux Saint Jean train station end of 2016, the first certified bamboo heavy duty flooring will be exposed to more than 18 million passengers per year.

In 2017, MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® will also be installed in Gare du Nord train station in Paris with more than 200 million passengers per year!

Bamboo UltraDensity® products

FinishUnfinished, smooth face
EdgesMicro bevel
InstallationFully glued
Floor heating/coolingYes, follow instructions
 MOSO bamboo ultradensity flooring dimensions
Installation (fully glued)PDF
EdgesSquare edges
 MOSO bamboo ultradensity stair panel dimensions
Technical datasheetPDF

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