Explosive growth in demand for bamboo

There was no time for the MOSO® team to recover from the fire on 21 February 2020 and the developments that followed. The demand for bamboo products, especially decking and cladding, exploded when many Europeans started to invest their money in and around the house. For consumers as well as for commercial and public building projects, sustainable and bio-based materials have been playing a bigger role in recent years. The technical advantages of the material ensure that partners and installers continue to choose bamboo products. Despite the fire, 2020 was a very successful year for MOSO®, partly thanks to the understanding and patience of customers and the enormous efforts of employees, which enabled orders to be delivered later in the year and in larger volumes. Turnover continued to increase in 2021, when other materials became scarcer and the demand for bamboo outdoor products also exceeded supply. In the meantime, substantial investments were made in the production sites in China, so that customers can expect the reliable delivery they have come to expect from MOSO® this year.

Construction of an extensive office and warehouse facility

Investments are also being made in the reconstruction of the MOSO® head office in the Netherlands. Due to the corona situation, and in combination with the growth of the company, the question arose as to whether the previous building was still suitable for the new situation. Together with the owners of the building, several options were looked into that would allow the building to be better suited to the current situation and, above all, to the future. Significant time was spent on research and drawing up a new corporate building. On 25 March, work will begin on the rebuild. This is certainly not a complete rebuild, as the foundation of the previous building can be made. However, it is a milestone for MOSO® as the start of this reconstruction means the end is near of working from two locations (office in Hoorn and warehouse in Venhuizen).

The choice was made for a larger commercial building, which will be divided into several parts, suitable for multiple companies. The sleek lines fit in well with the appearance of the Zevenhuis industrial estate, where MOSO® is no longer the only company. Needless to say, the building will be fitted with a sustainable bamboo façade. The various bamboo applications will be incorporated in the interior, especially on the top floor where MOSO® plans to resume its office activities in early 2023. The warehouse will be reopened before the end of 2022.

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