Mammoet Jacking Beams

Mammoet is the expert in heavy lifting and multimodal transport: transporting, shipping, placements (horizontal and vertical) and the removal of large and / or heavy objects to and from any location, on land and water. Within this scope jacking beams are used: beams traditionally made of tropical hardwood supporting heavy weights during lifting and transport. From the desire to work with a sustainable and ecological material, a cooperation between Mammoet and MOSO® was started. The first result of this collaboration is these bamboo jacking beams: 10 x 10 x 100 cm blocks which are an alternative to the jacking beams made of tropical hardwood. MOSO® specially developed beams of customized Density® Caramel bamboo for Mammoet. In the pictures you can see the bamboo jacking beams undergoing the first tests: carrying a part of a 110 ton railway bridge on four jacks.

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