Klöckner Pentaplast GmbH

The architecture of Klöckner Pentaplast’s new headquarters is as surprisingly sustainable as its corporate policy. The new head office, which was completed in June 2017, achieves a positive CO2 balance and, instead of using resource-intensive materials such as aluminium, a lot of bamboo has been incorporated – some 1766 cubic feet in total. Bamboo was used in the curtain walls, interior frames and office furniture.

Project details

Isa Steinhäuser
Montabaur, Germany

"Bamboo is a sustainable material for us, which even in direct comparison to wood has the better properties in terms of sustainability, CO2 binding, strength and durability. Bamboo in the laminated version is ideally suited for load-bearing components in post and beam facades or element facades. Bamboo facades create a warm, pleasant atmosphere, especially in office areas. In combination with bamboo building boards and veneers or even parquet there are numerous design possibilities in interior design to pick up on this atmosphere."

Martin Atzinger - archibrand, Munich, Germany


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