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The hotel chain OD Group decided to make a commitment to offer more environmentally friendly hotels by choosing sustainable materials, such as MOSO® Bamboo Products.

Hotel OD Talamanca

Opened in 2016, OD Talamanca is one of the five hotels owned by the chain in Spain. It is located in front of the Talamanca bay, and offers a view of the old city of Ibiza. The architecture of the hotel can be defined as elegant; the architects combined a retro design with bamboo that brings a warm and glamorous look with glass and stone materials. MOSO® Bamboo solutions have been applied in several areas of the hotel, such as rooms and restaurants.

Bamboo wallcovering in OD Talamanca Hotel

Project details

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43056 ft²
21528 ft²
3767 ft²
861 ft²

Unique design rooms covered with bamboo

The hotel rooms are covered with several bamboo products. The architects selected the solid Bamboo Elite bamboo flooring, which offers a wide and long flooring board, creating a qualitative and healthy space for the hotel guests. The warm brown caramel color in Density style brings a natural appearance to the room.

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Bamboo wallcovering in OD Talamanca Hotel

Walls and furniture that are green and unique

The cabinets and walls of the rooms are made with flexible bamboo covering material: Flexbamboo. This solution is simple and easy to install, particularly on surfaces that are not smooth or with curves. The Flexbamboo brings a refined design to the bedroom cabinets. Bamboo is also applied in the bedrooms’ bathrooms. Solid 40 mm bamboo panels cover the mirrors and reveal a unique edge with the multilayered bamboo.

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“On the beach near the OD Talamanca Hotel, wild reeds grow in large quantities, the application of bamboo inside the hotel is like a reflection of the environment in which the hotel was built.”

Mayte Matutes - Architect

A healthy restaurant both on the plate and in its design

The hotel’s restaurant offers a varied cuisine by offering various dishes, while taking care that it is healthy. It is only natural that bamboo solutions can be found in the restaurant, like Flexbamboo. In fact, the shelves, catering furniture and parts of the walls are covered with Flexbamboo.

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"Bamboo was chosen for its resistance to puncturing and wear, with elegant ageing. It is a natural, durable and versatile material that contributes to creating warm and intimate environments.’’

Mayte Matutes - Architect

Hotel OD Barcelona

Located only 656ft from the Passage de Gracía, Barcelona’s most luxurious avenue featuring several works by Gaudi, where Groupe OD opened its new hotel in 2017. It offers 98 rooms with a design that is in line with the group’s existing hotels. MOSO® Bamboo materials are once again applied in order to offer customers an elegant and environmentally friendly space.

Project details

Raquel Martínez
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5382 ft²

Hotel walls and flooring covered with bamboo

The walls and cupboards are covered with Flexbamboo, the bathroom and bedroom furniture are made of solid panels. Bamboo veneer veneer was applied as a wall covering for the bedrooms and corridors, but also as a floor covering in custom made boards.

MOSO Bamboo Veneer used at Hotel OD in Barcelona

Terraces and pool surroundings out of bamboo

Hotel OD Barcelona includes several outdoor areas offering various services such as a swimming pool, a bar and a restaurant. The MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® decking board has been chosen to cover all the hotel’s outdoor areas and create relaxation areas.

MOSO Bamboo X-treme decking used at Hotel OD in Barcelona

"Hotel OD Barcelona is located in a busy street, inside we have taken care to apply acoustic insulation to create rooms that resonate rest, calm and tranquility with natural materials. There is nothing better for this than the quality of bamboo, which offers a refined finish. Bamboo is used as a wall decoration and furniture. The result is very satisfactory."

Mayte Matutes - Architect


A project that makes use of MOSO® Bamboo Products offers several advantages compared to wood and other alternative materials, plus MOSO® Bamboo will last for years to come.

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