DAMA Furniture by AVBM

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Arch. Matteo Rossi
Studio Eleven
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Bamboo as the central character of the space

This is the idea behind DAMA: using slender metals at the support of wood elements. An Albinian theory of the use of space, where the main subject of the composition is what is meant to be shown. The exhibitions of the piece become a design element. The lightweight metal frame is a low profile single support, that must not take away the importance of the real star of the space: bamboo. Bamboo intended as raw material, is intimate and welcoming; giving a sense of home. DAMA is a total modular furniture, both in structure and in the bamboo elements that constitute it. Through the combination of the different elements, the structure takes shape, creates space, satisfying every need. It is a support base, a library, case, or all this simultaneously. DAMA is a versatile element thanks to the different finishes in which it can be customized.

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