Kitchen in private house

When choosing materials for this kitchen, bamboo was at the top of the wish list. At Van Slageren Keukens & Interieur the sales and installation team is familiar with bamboo, a very suitable material for cabinet fronts. The custom made kitchen was not only visualized in 3D software in advance, but also samples were made of bamboo with the lacquer finish. In addition to the kitchen fronts, various bamboo details were added, such as the shelf on the wall, part of the worktop and a dining table.

Project details

Bamboo contributing to a natural appearance

By combining bamboo with granite and powder coating in an anthracite tint, a modern mix of colors was created, complemented by shades of green according to the latest trends. The woody tint of bamboo in the Density Caramel style, finished with a matt lacquer, creates a warm and natural look.

MOSO bamboo kitchen

Striking bamboo lighting

The bamboo dining table is lit with a custom bamboo up and down light from Casconcept. The energy-efficient LED lighting and the choice of materials give the lamp a sustainable character. The lamp consists of an LED lighting fixture with touch controls concealed in bamboo panel material. The minimalist design not only ensures a fully adjustable light intensity but also enriches the modern kitchen.

MOSO Bamboo lamp Casconcept

"Bamboo? We make kitchens out of it! Bamboo is glued crosswise, to prevent warping. This creates a wooden panel that can be used for all kinds of purposes. Attractive, exclusive and affordable. Partly for that reason we not only make kitchens from this material, but we also supply cabinets, tables and other furniture made of bamboo."

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Various bamboo optics

Bamboo Solid Panels are available in 6 different optics: the styles High Density®, Side Pressed and Plain Pressed in the colors Ecru and Caramel. With these 6 optics, multiple appearances can be created. Not only thanks to the difference in looks between the optics, but also in selecting the preferred finish, that can be a lacquer or oiled with or without color pigments.

Bamboo in the kitchenBamboo Solid Panel


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Edwin van Houten
Area Sales Manager MOSO International BV, the Netherlands

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