Bamboo Cribbing blocks

MOSO® Bamboo Cribbing blocks are made of the fastest growing plant on earth. The fully tested beams are the sustainable replacement for tropical timber that was used in large amounts.


Compressed bamboo to be harder than hardwood

Bamboo strips are compressed and glued under high pressure, creating a High Density® material that is even harder than the best tropical hardwood species. With the development of the Cribbing blocks, bamboo can now be used in many heavy duty supporting and lifting applications. The MOSO® Bamboo Cribbing blocks are thoroughly tested for various mechanical properties like compression strength and bending. Compared to normal bamboo beams additional efforts were made to define the right type of strips, type of glue, density, etc.

MOSO® Bamboo Cribbing blocks benefits

  • Carbon storage
  • Hard & durable
  • Endless resource
  • High stability
  • Fire resistant

Standardized bamboo cribbing blocks

Bamboo Cribbing blocks are developed in close partnership between MOSO® and Mammoet, the expert in heavy lifting. The standard length of the MOSO® Bamboo Cribbing blocks is 42″ and the beams have a cross section of 4″x4″ for easy calculation of stacking requirements at each support point. For filling smaller gaps to a required height, additional blocks are available in different thicknesses.

MOSO® Bamboo Cribbing Blocks technical datasheet

Curious about the possibilities?

We can help you finding the bamboo product that has the right specifications for your project or industrial applications. Make sure you get in touch with one of our MOSO® Bamboo experts if you have any question.

Brett Kelly
Bamboo Cribbing Blocks Specialist & CEO of MOSO North America

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