Bamboo Solid Panels

MOSO® Solid Panel is a visually appealing board product that consists of multiple layers of bamboo, available in multiple variations.

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Bamboo Solid Beams

With the introduction of the MOSO® Bamboo Solid Beam, bamboo can now also be applied in several (semi) structural applications such as window- and doorframes.

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Bamboo wall and ceiling coverings

MOSO® 1-ply panel is mainly used as a panel covering material, where the bamboo is pressed on a base. MOSO® Bamboo Veneer is created by slicing sheets from laminated blocks made from bamboo strips. MOSO® Flexbamboo is a flexible bamboo product often placed on a carrier (e.g. MDF) and mostly used as an aesthetical covering material.

Beautiful and sustainable bamboo solutions

MOSO® Bamboo Solid and Supra Collections offer several advantages over other materials:

  • hard & durable
  • high stability
  • multiple solutions
  • CO2 neutral
  • healthy

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