Bordeaux Saint Jean train station with bamboo flooring

In early 2017 the renewed train station of Bordeaux Saint Jean opened its doors for more than 18 million passengers per year. With so many visitors walking through the central hall, the flooring needed extra attention from the architects. AREP engineers asked MOSO® to produce bamboo flooring that will last for years in these very tough conditions. A specially developed Bamboo UltraDensity® flooring, installed on Bamboo X-treme® sub frame joists, has been developed and extensively tested. This MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® flooring has been certified by FCBA wood institute for heavy traffic and semi outdoor use, specifically for train station halls. For the first time a bamboo floor has been qualified of having better properties than any other wood alternative.

Project details

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9687.52 ft²

Applications of MOSO®Bamboo UltraDensity® at Bordeaux Saint Jean

In Hall 1, MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® solid parquet flooring installed is screwed onto the joists and signals relaxation zones to passengers. It also brings warmth to the space that has a high natural luminosity, thanks to the conservation of the original ceiling. The seats are also made of MOSO® Bamboo. For Hall 2, which is the most transited of the two Halls due to its direct access to the platforms, the challenge was to offer Bamboo UltraDensity® flooring as a herringbone installation, in order to keep the same installation as the wooden floor in the VIP lounge. A custom MOSO® solution is installed in herring bone pattern to meet the project requirements.

MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity®: a certified solution

In order to be installed in high-traffic areas, the Bamboo UltraDensity® solution had to be validated by French control offices, such as the FCBA and the CSTB, and meet the highest requirements for many characteristics: – Strength and hardness: greater than 9.5kg/mm² (according to the Brinell test) – Stability: installation in covered outdoor areas – Fire classification: Bfl-s1 (according to EN 13501-1) – Slip resistance R10 – Healthy interior: A+ certification (VOC tests) and E0 – Ecology: Contribution to Green building and carbon neutral assessment

More about certification

A unique solution classified U4P4E2C2

MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® is U4P4E2C2 classified by the FCBA and CSTB. Indeed, Bamboo UltraDensity® flooring has obtained the highest classifications in terms of use: suitable for applications in ERP (Public Reception Space) sites of category 5, which is the highest (airports, shopping centers, stations, etc.) and resistance (punching, mechanical properties, stability). Its performance against water and chemicals are also good.

Bamboo floor in train station

MOSO® support for maintenance program

Bamboo, like any other material, requires appropriate care and maintenance. Thanks to the achievements of projects such as Bordeaux and Gare du Nord stations, as well as certifications awarded by the CSTB (Atex and Atec) an installation, maintenance and servicing protocol has been developed for the MOSO® Bamboo UltraDensity® solution. MOSO® Bamboo experts are available to assist you in the development of projects and also afterwards, if necessary.

Train station bamboo floor


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Area Sales Manager MOSO International BV, France

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