Lexus Lounge at Brussels Airport

The Lexus Lounge at Brussels Airport is more than just a simple place for waiting travelers to unwind. Visitors are taken care of according to the Japanese tradition of hospitality, called omotenashi, which means that everyone is treated with the welcome and respect that would be given to a guest in your home. On 700 square meters, Lexus has created a space focused on experience and well-being. Lexus believes that design has the power to make the world a better place. The materials of the lounge were therefore chosen with great care to create a link between tradition and modernity. The façade, for example, features a subtle yet striking interpretation of the spindle grille that has become a signature design feature of Lexus vehicles. It is rendered in a richly colored perforated bamboo, a traditional Asian building material that is also used in the interiors of Lexus models. Apart from these artfully cut solid bamboo panels, MOSO® Bamboo was used for wall coverings and beautiful pieces of furniture in other areas of the lounge where it adds a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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